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Endometriosis and its treatment with second generation radiofrequency

Endometriosis y tratamiento con radiofrecuencia de segunda generación

1 out of 10 women suffers from endometriosis.  A chronic pathology that affects the quality of life of a large percentage of women across the world. 

Endometriosis is a chronic, unknown and silent pathology that affects the health and life quality of so many women of childbearing age.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease that occurs when the endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus. This can cause an intense pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, bleeding in between periods or problems conceiving. If the endometrium, which is located outside the uterus, develops incorrectly, it can start growing in any part of the abdomen. It can lead to implants, nodules and endometriomas. 

Endometriosis, una patología desconocida y silenciosa
Endometriosis, una patología desconocida y silenciosa

The endometrial tissue that grows outside the uterus adheres to the peritoneal wall and tends to settle near the pelvic organs. On rare occasions, outbreaks are found further away, at intestinal level. This can cause a different type of symptoms.

Symptoms of endometriosis

The exact causes of endometriosis are currently unknown, although there are certain suspicions that it may be a matter of genetic predisposition or related to certain autoimmune diseases…. 

And the main symptom is pain. It can appear during menstruation only, but for many women it’s a daily problem. The pain can reach disabling levels, affecting the woman both physically and mentally.

Another symptom is abdominal inflammation. The hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle will affect the tissue, provoking increased bleeding and therefore, obstruction of the entire pelvic cavity. 

Due to the inflammation that’s produced each month in the endometrial cysts, adhesions are generated that reduce the mobility of the pelvic organs and its correct functioning. These adhesions are responsible for the infertility presented by many of the women suffering from endometriosis: due to the reduced functionality of the affected organs, the egg is unable to implant. 

Endometrial growth can happen anywhere, which means there can be other symptoms associated with the pain: pain when urinating or defecating, irritable bowels, gasses, constipation…

Treatment of endometriosis

Endometriosis is an incurable benign pathology (not carcinogenic), but the condition can be improved with different treatments that soothe the symptoms and improve the patient’s life quality: pain relief with analgesics, hormonal treatment to suppress menstruation. A radical treatment option for endometriosis would be hysterectomy

Diagnóstico de la endometriosis
Diagnóstico de la endometriosis

Its diagnosis is quite complicated. Endometriosis is often mistaken for the premenstrual syndrome because a painful menstruation is seen as something normal. Menstruation can indeed be painful because it implies general inflammation but it doesn’t always need to be the case.  

There are a series of habits that patients with endometriosis can adopt in order to improve their life quality: 

  • Diet: Certain foods increase abdominal inflammation and others are hyperestrogenic (soya, red meat, dairy, hydrates etc). They can all aggravate the symptoms, so seeking help from a nutritionist to elaborate a more adequate diet would be recommended.    
  • Sports and physical activities:  Sports practice reduces stress and balances the hormonal system. It also improves the immune system, removes toxins and makes our metabolism work more adequately. 
  • Sleep: As in the majority of pathologies, getting enough sleep and rest is fundamental to ease the symptoms. Sleeping helps the body repair, so not getting enough sleep or sleeping poorly will not allow our body to recover and the symptoms will get worse. 

Stress: In every aspect of our lives, stress worsens our state on both an emotional and physical level. It’s important we try to maintain our stress levels as low as possible to ease the symptoms. 

Treatment of endometriosis with second generation radiofrecuency

Physiotherapy can improve the symptoms a lot with different manual techniques as well as the application of Capenergy technology. 

Thanks to Capenergy’s technological innovation and the creation of a highly specialized intracavitary probe for non invasive urogynecological treatments, endometriosis is a problem that can be treated with tecar therapy as well.

Endometriosis tratamiento con radiofrecuencia de segunda generación
Tratamiento de endometriosis con radiofrecuencia de segunda generación

With a second generation radiofrecuency device you can treat endometriosis and:

    • Reduce the adhesions generated by the fibrotic tissue. 
    • Increase blood flow to the area to improve vascularization and thus improve the mobility of the pelvic organs. 
    • Reduce inflammation and therefore pain 
    • Thanks to the intracavitary MJS probe, you will be able to access areas that are hard to treat manually, in a painless and safe way, without any risk of burns for the patient, as the probe is equipped with a temperature sensor. 

    Would you like to know more about Capenergy’s radiofrecuency and how it can help in the treatment of endometriosis? Request a free demo.