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How to treat temporomandibular joint disorders with tecar therapy

Cómo tratar trastornos en la articulación temporomandibular con tecarterapia

Orofacial disorders are problems that affect the temporomandibular joint and the masticatory muscles that connect the lower jaw and the skull. The temporomandibular joint connects the temporal bone of the skull to the jaw bone on both sides of the head.  

When talking about temporomandibular joint disorders, we cover all processes that may affect this joint and the periarticular tissues.  

Craneomandibular dysfunctions cause functional alterations of the masticatory system that generate different inconveniences such as ear, jaw, neck and back pain. 

What are temporomandibular joint disorders?

The exact causes of this disorder are unknown but we do know that stress and bruxism can be triggers. These alterations can be related to daytime or night time teeth clenching (bruxism) which can also cause thickening of the face muscles, as well as excessive wear or mobility of the teeth.  

But there are other related risk factors

  • Traumas or accidents involving mandibular fracture.
  • Certain occlusal characteristics.
  • Prolonged time with your mouth open, for instance in case of endodentics.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

So what are the main symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders?

Most often, the pain is located in the area of the temporomandibular joint and the masticatory muscles. Also, this disorder of the temporomandibular muscle can generate problems in other areas such as the hearing, the jaw and it can also generate headache and neck or back pain … 

The symptoms experienced by patients can be reduced to a couple of disorders, namely: 

  • Pain in the face, jaw or neck.
  • Rigidity of the jaw and its muscles .
  • Limited or blocked jaw movement. 
  • Clicking sounds that can cause jaw pain when opening and closing the mouth. 
  • Changing in the lacing of the upper and lower teeth.

Of all these symptoms, the most common one is pain which affects up to  80% of all patients

Furthermore, there is evidence that pain affects women more than men and that 20% of the population suffers from it.

What’s more, we are aware there are factors that aggravate the temporomandibular disorder such as the quality of sleep, low levels of physical activity, coexistence of headache, anxiety and depression.

How can we treat temporomandibular joint disorders?

The available treatments can be divided into reversible or conservative treatments and irreversible treatments.

Férula para trastornos en la articulación temporomandibular
Férula para trastornos en la articulación temporomandibular

Professionals generally recommend reversible or conservative options, especially selfcare techniques (soft food, no chewing gum, stress relief techniques… ), the intake of analgesics and the use of splints.

There are also cases where botox injections are performed as well. 

Among the irreversible treatments, we count surgery and implants. 

But Capenergy has an innovative solution to offer

C500-intrabucal is the first oral and maxilofacial device on the market and it allows a progressive access to 4 different treatment segments:  

  • Post-surgical treatments 
  • TMJ treatments 
  • Bone stimulation
  • Bone regeneration
Tratamiento de trastorno en articulación temporomandibular con TecarEvolution
Tratamiento de trastorno en articulación temporomandibular con TecarEvolution

Thanks to the versatility of the accessories, you will be able to treat different areas of the oral cavity, both internally and externally

The size of the accessories is similar to the size of an electric toothbrush. And the size varies according to the medical requirements: smaller electrodes to access the joint from the inside of the oral cavity and accessories with dimensions ranging from 20 to 50cm2 for an external approach, on the skin.  

With the C500 Intrabucal you will obtain results in a fast, safe and comfortable way.

So would you like to try Capenergy’s tecar therapy and experience how it improves temporomandibular joint disorders? Request a free demo!