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1st vs 2nd Generatio

1st Generation
Other brands

Old technology

2nd Generation

Exclusive by CAPENERGY

Much more than Tecar

Versatility, state-of-the-art technology and safety

Can you imagine what you can do with  1.240W?

Multiply your clinic’s sales volume with a 2nd generation tecar therapy device.  

Second generation Tecar therapy devices, with various channels, allow treating several body areas at the same time, apply capacitive and resistive electrodes simultaneously and perform applications that are hard to do with a first generation device. 

Capenergy’s TecarEvolution is almost 300% more effective than conventional Tecar technology.  

15 powerful reasons to choose CAPENERGY TecarEvolution

Not as work-intensive for the professional 

Up to 4 treatment areas at the same time

Self-regulated power

Lymphatic Drainage


More energy

Up to 10 times more

Follow-up and control of the quality and quantity of the delivered energy. 


Accessories with temperature control. 

Different depths
Up to 4 frequencies

Improvement of the patient’s feedback 

Automatic or Manual option

More than 36 approved clinical indications. Wide range of specialized treatments. 

Exclusive accessories per specialty


No risk of burns

Broaden your business adding fields of application.

Program your virtual demo

Check available days and times and we will show you how we can help you with our devices. 

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