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C500 Intraoral

Hows does C500 Intraoral work?

C500 IntraOral is the first device on the market for oral and maxillofacial tecar therapy. 

It allows you to gradually access four different treatment segments:  post-surgical treatments, TMJ, stimulation and regeneration in dental treatments. 

Its  versatile range of accessories  allows treating different areas of the oral cavity, both internally and externally.

You will speed up the orthodontic mobilization   with invisible aligners by 62%. And you will improve  osseointegration even in those dental pieces that on the bone scan may look like they need to be extracted.  

Manual Tecar Therapy

Power: 310W

  • Mode: Intraoral
  • 1 channel
  • 3 frequencies: 0,8 MHz. 1 MHz. 1,2MHz.
  • Biofeedback
  • Temperature control
  • Dental Intracavitary Electrode  (EID) (Standard equipment)
  • Dental probe cover: Speficif cover for the intraoral accessory
  • Intracavitary Oral Electrode (EIA) (Optional)
  • Transport foot (Optional)
  • Intracavitary Oral Electrode (EIB) (Optional)
  • Intracavitary palatal electrode  (EIP) (Optional)


Upgrade to C 100

Capacitive and resistive electrode

  • Electrodes:
  1. Capacitive
  2. Resistive
  • Passive electrode (optional): To close off the circuit 

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