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C200 Respiratory

How does
C200 Respiratory work?

C200 Respiratory  is a second generation high power tecar therapy device with approved clinical indication for the treatment of asthma  and any derived symptoms.  

It’s the only device on the market that has this proven accreditation in its Medical CE Certificate.  

Thanks to Capenergy’s technology, a localized endothermal increase of the body temperature is achieved, which generates bronchodilation and increases pulmonary circulation, improving gas exchange.  

Manual and Automatic Tecar Therapy

Power: 620 W

  • 2 channels
  • 3 frequencies: 0,8 MHz. 1 MHz. 1,2MHz. 
  • Biofeedback CAP – RES – AUTO 
  • Temperature control
  • Full Automatic and Manual Equipment


C200 Infantile Respiratory:

  • Manual
  • Upgrade to automatic
  • Electrodes:  Capacitive and  Resistive
  • Passive plate    

C200 Respiratory Adult:

  • Automatic
  • Adults option
  • Upgrade to Manual CAP- RES
  • Active plate
  • Passive plate


Upgrade to C 200

Intraoral | C500
Intraoral Tecar Therapy

Urogynecological | C500
Intracavitary Tecar Therapy

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