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How does C400 work?

C400 has four channels and produces the biggest injection of energy through its 4 pairs of plates.

It has four channels and it is  equipped with automatic technology and a temperature sensor, enabling the professional to combine manual therapy (Capacitive and Resistive) with the powerful energy delivery of a flexible stationary accessory that can be adapted to any body structure.  

2nd Generation

With C400 you will have 4 devices in 1

A high power second generation capacitive and resistive electrical transfer device, highly demanded in medical centers. 

This device offers the possibility to perform crossfire treatments (CAP-RES) simultaneously combined with hands-free application. Enjoy faster and more powerful treatments, combining the variables available to personalize each patient’s therapy with applications on up to four body areas at the same time.


Upgrade of the C400

Intraoral | C500
Intraoral Tecar Therapy

Urogynecological | C500
Intracavitary Tecar Therapy

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