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Internationally Awarded

The evolution of Tecar Therapy

Innovation in Radiofrequency

In Capenergy we are pioneers in the innovation, development and manufacture of musculoskeletal, aesthetic, urogynecological, vascular, oral and respiratory tecar therapy devices.  

We have been manufacturers since 1984.

We have been manufacturers of medical tecar theray devices since 1984. 

Our company, located in Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, distributes across the five continents and is known worldwide for its quality, service and constant scientific investigation for 38 years already. 

Innovation is our fundamental purpose

We are the only company worldwide that has been able to certify a conducted high power radiofrequency device of specifically 1.240W. 

With this powerful energy delivery, Capenergy’s technology is light years ahead of other radiofrequency devices available on the market.  

Our TecarEvolution devices are the only ones on the market that triple the effects of a radiofrequency treatment.  

They have already joined the TecarEvolution

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