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Dear clients:

We hereby present you Capenergy’s latest communication tool that will take our connection to the next level: Capenergy App. This app is compatible with Apple, Android, any kind of PC or Tablet in its web version. It has been designed to optimize communication and to facilitate the use of the different consultation tools our Company has to offer.

We will gradually inform you on all the options included in the app, but right now we want to focus on what’s most important and immediate: the migration of the Whatsapp chat groups to the specialized chat forums integrated in the app.

What are the benefits of the chat forum?

These integrated chat forums will allow asking questions sorting by both specialty or language, or accessing previously asked questions or interventions accumulated in the app history. New users will gain far more benefits from this system. 

Is this a free service?

This service will remain free for all of our customers. One of the other advantages of the app is that the pictures that are shared through the app will be save in the app, and will no longer be downloaded to your phone memory. This will avoid delicate pictures from showing up in your picture gallery, where your children may see them.  

When can I access the App?

The first step is to know the time schedule. The App will be launched on February, 1st, 2023. During that month, we will gradually migrate the different Whatsapp chat groups to the App. We therefore recommend you download the App as soon as possible and you start using it immediately. 

How can I access the App?

The App access will be the same as your access to the virtual C-academy: same username and same password.

When will the Whatsapp chat groups disappear?

From February, 20, 2023, the Capenergy Whatsapp chats will be closed down and only the new App will remain in place. It is therefore very important you familiarize yourself with the App and the new interface in order to achieve a successful migration.

What else has the app to offer me?

Apart from the integrated chat forum, you will also have access to other services and a direct communication channel where you can learn about our activities, congresses, courses and webinars. New options will be added continuously to help you in your daily activities. You won’t miss out on anything!

Please bear in mind that from February 20th, 2023, the Capenergy forum will become the only communication and consultation platform. All questions will be answered through the app forum.

In case of doubts or incidents, please contact us by e-mail at the following address:

How can I download the App?
Search for CAPENERGY app in App Store or Play Store la app CAPENERGY or download the app through the link on our website:

🖤 Welcome to a new generation of Capenergy, with more services and more quality!🖤

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