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Aesthetic Medical

Capenergy’s Tecar Therapy technology has a lot to offer in aesthetic medicine or physiotherapy, thanks to its cutaneous and subcutaneous effects. 


Its neocollagenesis effect boosts the strenght and the tension of the tissues, while its lipolytic effect contributes to the fat degradation and its regenerative effect intensifies the skin regeneration.  


Our concept of a platform that can be adapted according to your necessities, offers you the possibility of having the best technology at an affordable price with options to further grow according to your circumstances. 


The ideal complement for medical aesthetic treatments



Decide what model you want and what performance you need your device to have. Our technology has a lot to offer to improve the results of medical specialty treatments.  

Our devices

C BEAUTY (1st Generation)
Manual Tecar Therapy

A high power capacitive and resistive electrical transfer device, with adjustable frequency, that will help you get faster results. 

C 1.0 (2nd Generation)
Manual and Automatic

A second generation high power tecar therapy device. It has one channel and is equipped with automatic technology and a temperature sensor.  

C 2.0 (2nd Generation)
Manual and Automatic

A second generation high power device, with  two channels.  First device to offer manual therapy combined simultaneously with a hands-free application.  

C 3.0 (2nd Generation)
Manual and Automatic

A second generation high power device, with  three channels.   You will be able to offer a personalized treatment of up to three body areas simultaneously

C 4.0 (2nd Generation)
Manual and Automatic

A second generation high power tecar therapy device, with four channels that produce the biggest energy injection.

C Orquidea Intracavitary
Manual Tecar Therapy

 Capacitive Electrical Transfer Device for the treatment of high quality for vaginal rejuvenation.

C Jazmin
non-surgical bichectomy

 Capacitive Electrical Transfer Device for the treatment of high quality equipment to treat non-surgical bichectomy and to harmonize the face.



Capenergy’s technology has a disruptive effect on intimate aesthetics and gyneco-aesthetics.  Thanks to its temperature sensor integrated in the intracavitary MJS probe, it reaches the therapeutic target of generating collagen type I and type III, of vital importance for the female genital system. These unique technological characteristics confere the device a level of efficiency far superior to the average. 


Capenergy’s technology magnifies the results of aesthetic medicine as it redensifies the connective tissue on which the implant is located, improves the internal process of collagen generation and even attenuates small bruises caused by the injections.   

It also boosts the effect of vitamin cocktails and increases the efficiency of injected lipolytic enzymes. And it rehydrates the tissues that have been subjected to chemical peelings,  regaining  their turgor and healthy aspect. 


Plastic surgery allows modifying body structures to obtain fast results. It can however generate inflammation, pain and, in many cases, scars and adhesions that can develop into tissue necrosis. 

With Capenergy’s technology you will improve results and speed up the recovery of your patients in the 72 hours following an intervention. 

Tratamiento de la psoriasis con radiofrecuencia Capenergy


Capenergy is an important ally for dermatology. The circulatory improvement generated by our technology complements the professional’s treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczemas that are hard to solve with traditional pharmacological means.  

Recuperación tras una cesárea con TecarEvolution


Dermatofunctional physiotherapy combines the benefits of tissue functionality with aesthetical improvements. Thanks to the application of Capenergy’s technology in that area, the professional can treat scars and lympedemas with more guarantees of success and combine with other more conventional techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy and bandages.

The skin will regain its functionality as well as its beauty.