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Vaginal rejuvenation with Tecar Therapy

Rejuvenecimiento vaginal con tecarterapia

More and more women want vaginal rejuvenation and the motives are not merely esthetical. Gynecological health is becoming gradually more important and women are doing treatments to improve it.  

It is a fact that vaginal hyperlaxity affects 63% of all women aged 25 to 45 who have given birth at least once

The goal of vaginal rejuvenation is to avoid the appearance of certain vaginal symptoms and ailments and improve female wellbeing.


Cause of gynecological health issues

rejuvenecimiento vaginal tras el embarazo
During pregnancy the skin and muscles lose firmness

Vaginal health is an important part of women ‘s health. Several factors can cause a problem such as vaginal hyperlaxity


  • Age: Vaginal health deteriorates with age. Over time, collagen production decreases and the possibility of suffering vaginal hyperlaxity increases.  .


  • Pregnancy and delivery:  During pregnancy, the skin and muscles lose firmness due to the pressure suffered during these 9 months. During delivery, the vagina naturally stretches, a symptoms that can get worse if it’s a difficult birth. A C-section can also provoke this stretching.  


  • Sedentary lifestyle and overweight: both factors negatively affect not only the skin of the vagina, but health in general. The pelvic floor suffers as overweight increases.


  • Hormonal changes and menopause: During menopause, less estrogen is produced and the vaginal mucosa therefore loses elasticity as this also affects the collagen production. Blood flow is reduced which affect lubrication and this causes the mucosa to become thinner, losing thickness, elasticity and lubrication. Ass a consequence of this, dryness, itching and vulvovaginal discomfort will appear.  

Routines that will help prevent vaginal hyperlaxity


  • Carry out exercises that help tonify the vagina.
  • Avoid physical inactivity.
  • After giving birth,  get rehabilitation with your physiotherapist and request a treatment with Capenergy.
  • Activate your sexual life to increase elasticity and prevent atrophy and dryness. 
  • Keep a healthy diet. 
  • Avoid hyperpressure on the pelvic floor lifting weight. 

Vaginal rejuvenation with Capenergy’s Tecar Therapy

Thanks to Capenergy’s technology, you will achieve vaginal rejuvenation without the need of surgery:

  • Improvement of genital aesthetics, skin flaccidity, texture changes and pigmentation of the area.
  • Improvement of sensitivity or lubrication.
  • Activation of collagen generation.
  • Improvement of the  hydration of the mucosa due to the increase of blood supply and the creation of new blood vessels.
Rejuvenecimiento vaginal sin cirugía con Capenergy
Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation with Capenergy

The characteristics of the vaginal wall tissue, very similar to the skin, turn it into the perfect candidate for treatment with Capenergy. It is particularly effective in naturally hydrated tissues with an optimal water composition. 

After treatment with Capenergy after a vaginal birth, an improvement of vaginal laxity by 87% is seen.  

On the other hand, a perceived improvement in sexual function was also observed in all patients who initially reported a reduction in sexual function.

During an investigation carried out by Sekiguchi Y. et al, low energy radiofrequency was applied to treat vaginal introital laxity in premenopausal women, revealing significant improvement of the vaginal laxity and sexual function which was maintained during the follow up 12 months later, without any reported side effects. 

In short, Capenergy restores the physiology of the vaginal epithelium, soothes and alleviates the associated symptoms, reducing tissue laxity and vaginal dryness.  

An effective solution for vaginal rejuvenation

The intracavitary technology developed by Capenergy opens up new horizons in the treatment of pelvic floor and vaginal pathologies. 

The fact that it provides a solution to issues that until now could only be treated with surgery or that had a complicated evolution, constitutes an important revolution in the treatment of numerous gynecological pathologies.  

Capenergy is a  disruptive technology for intimate aesthetics or aesthetic gynecology. Thanks to the temperature sensor incorporated in the intracavitary MJS probe, it can reach the therapeutic goal of type I and type III collagen generation, both very important for the female genital system.

Rejuvenecimiento vaginal con nuestro equipo C500 Urogyne
C500 Urogyne, a specialized device for professional urogynecological physiotherapy

The C500 Urogyne device is a highly specialized second generation tecar therapy device for professional urogynecological physiotherapy.

This device includes the intracavitary MJS probe, which allows the operator to treat a series of pathologies, ranging from vaginal to anal, delivering the energy where needed. 

Moreover with C500 Urogyne you will obtain results in fast, safe and comfortable way. 

Would you like to know more about Capenergy’s Tecar Therapy and how it can help you with vaginal rejuvenation? Request a free demo.

Vaginal rejuvenation with Tecar Therapy
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Vaginal rejuvenation with Tecar Therapy
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The vaginal rejuvenation avoid the appearance of certain vaginal symptoms and ailments and improve female wellbeing.