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Herniated disk, lumbago and microbiota: surprising links

Hernia discal, lumbalgia y microbiota: conexiones sorprendentes

When it comes to back aches, a herniated disk is a common problem that affects many people across the world. It can be a significant source of back pain and understanding its causes, symptoms and treatment options is fundamental for those searching for relief and improved quality of life.  

Based on frequency, back pain comes in as the main chronic health issue in Spain. It is estimated that about 80% of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives.

We live in ever more comfortable surroundings, we’ve become more sedentary, we don’t get a lot of exercise, we don’t eat well…. and this causes a constant increase of the number of patients suffering from a chronic pathology.  

According to the  INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística / National Institute of Statistics), a  2020 Health Questionnaire, revealed that the most frequent chronic or long-term illnesses in women are arthrosis (19,7%, excluding arthritis), high blood pressure (19,1%) and chronic lumbar pain (17,1%). And in the case of the men, it’s high blood pressure (19,0%), high cholesterol (15,5%) and chronic lumbar pain (10,1%).

But something chronic doesn’t necessarily have to be something incurable, as is the widespread idea. The chronic pathology does indicate to us, however, that a process inside our body, which we haven’t paid attention to,  has come to an end. 

Herniated disk: the beginning of an ailment that may appear in the future

When we talk about injuries such a herniated disk or a lumbago, we are talking about injuries of the musculoskeletal system. But we can’t look at it as an isolated issue, as there exists a connection between this system and the rest of our body systems: a constant interaction.

Ante una hernia discal o lumbalgia siempre encontraremos un problema de microbiota
Ante una hernia discal o lumbalgia siempre encontraremos un problema de microbiota

The main issue when facing this type of injury is that we tend to look for a single cause, but in reality different factors come into play: metabolic, immunological, biomechanical, psychological, circulatory… Each person follows a different path until reaching the symptom. 

What we do know is that patients with a herniated disk or lumbago will always present a problem in the microbiota

Also, patients often receive the message from their surroundings that ‘you should get a surgical intervention, if not you’ll never get better, be careful getting treatment from a physiotherapist, the problem may get worse, don’t move, you need to be resting…’  

In reality, they go through these episodes of pain under the influence of anti-inflammatories and / or muscle relaxers and some patients even become addicted and keep on taking the drugs even during periods without pain out of fear the pain will come back again if not. 

It is important to know that the musculoskeletal system is the first place where internal symptoms are reflected, but if we live under the influence of medicine, we won’t be able to hear the alarms going off inside our body. At the end of the day, chronic muscular pathology is the beginning of something that may appear in the future

And we can’t forget about the emotional component. That is, the mind-body interaction, the relation between what I think and what I feel.

How to treat a herniated disk or lumbago

Those who tell us to keep complete rest because moving will make the pain get worse, or not completely right. 

The muscle is an endocrine organ. In other words, when we move, substances are liberated that help repair, regulate inflammation and improve the metabolism: movement is fundamental to any musculoskeletal pathology, always adapted according to the injury and the patient.

El movimiento controlado es fundamental para recuperar una hernia discal o lumbalgia
El movimiento controlado es fundamental para recuperar una hernia discal o lumbalgia

It is true that problems can occur in case of overstrain and/or repetitive movements, but the intervertebral disk is nurtured through adequate intermittent charges.

Hernias, lumbagos and altered gut microbiota

Furthermore, when we say that an altered microbiota lies at the root of lumbar pain, we are not talking on a purely structural level only: the relation between the gut and the lumbar area, but we also refer to possible issues of intestinal permeability which cause certain intestinal bacteria to migrate to the intervertebral disk, causing inflammation of the area. 

This is why, with this type of patients, an evaluation of the digestive system will be necessary: what they eat, how much and when, are they going to the bathroom regularly, are they gassy,… …

If we start improving the digestive system and its microbiota, we will be able to improve and in certain cases, revert the degenerative process the spine is suffering from. 

In these cases, inflammation and pain are the common denominator. As we’ve said before, inflammation and pain can be masked through the intake of certain drugs aimed at soothing the symptoms, but what they really do is deactivate the alarm signal our body emits where the effects persist. 

When someone is suffering from a herniated disk or lumbago, the symptoms are registered as what commonly refer to as ‘back ache’, but as we’ve explained before, an altered gut microbiota tends to be at the root of the problem, meaning that probiotics could be of aid.

Capenergy, the simultaneous treatment of hernias, lumbagos and altered microbiota

Thanks to CAPENERGY MEDICAL ’s advanced technology or our second generation radiofrequency you can treat a hernia or lumbago more efficiently, treating both symptoms and cause.

Tratamiento en manual de puntos de dolor con radiofrecuencia Capenergy
Tratamiento en manual de puntos de dolor con radiofrecuencia Capenergy

For example, starting from the second generation radiofrequency C200 model, with an energy delivery of 620W and 2 independent channels, you can manually treat the lumbar area or the focus point of the pain caused by the herniated disk while at the same time, in automatic mode, with a capacitive electrode with temperature sensor, you can perform an automatic treatment of the belly to help regulate the intestines

Tratamiento automático en vientre para regular la microbiota intestinal
Tratamiento automático en vientre para regular la microbiota intestinal

Furthermore, the treatment with Capenergy’s second generation radiofrequency, boosts an intense vascularization of the treatment area.  Thanks to the oxygenation of the tissues and the increased blood flow generated during the treatment, a natural, biological and non-invasive anti-inflammatory effect is generated

For that matter, everything a patient does to improve his or her microbiota, will lead to an improvement which can further be boosted with a CAPENERGY treatment. This way, we can improve intestinal alteration and alleviate localized pain, in on and the same session. 

Would you like to know more about Capenergy radiofrequency and how it can help you treat herniated disks, lumbagos and other musculoskeletal pathologies? Request a free demo.

Herniated disk, lumbago and microbiota: surprising links
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Herniated disk, lumbago and microbiota: surprising links
Discover the links between a herniated disk, lumbago and microbiota and how to ease the pain and improve intestinal alterations at the same time with Capenergy