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CrossFit shoulder injuries and their treatment with tecar therapy

Lesiones de hombro en CrossFit y su tratamiento con tecarterapia

During the last couple of years, CrossFit has become popular and the number of people practicing the sport has increased. It’s an exercise that pushes the body to the maximum and that requires technique, especially to avoid suffering injuries.

The shoulder is the body part that most suffers from injuries when practicing CrossFit. The shoulders are complex joints with great mobility. The most common shoulder injury suffered during the practice of CrossFit affects the rotator cuff. 

Repetitive exercises, lifting too much weight, bad technique or pressure to achieve the bes time can provoke different injuries such as: tendinitis, bursitis, dislocations, even fractured shoulders if the exercises are poorly executed or not measured out correctly.

Why do CrossFit shoulder injuries occur and how to avoid them?  

Some intensive heavy load CrossFit exercises are carried out lifting the arm with forced external rotation with the shoulder joint located above the head and this, in combination with incorrect postures during the execution of these technical exercises that are furthermore repetitive, can damage the tendinous system. 

To prevent possible shoulder injuries during CrossFit practice:

  • Achieve correct mobility of the shoulder-dorsal spine complex, for both bending and external rotation movements).
  • Work the stabilizing muscle groups of the shoulder: strength exercises and motor control of the shoulder rotators, retractors and scapular stabilizers.
  • Do an appropriate warm up and work the facials to liberate tension in the anterior shoulder area, with special emphasis on the pectoral muscle.
Algunos ejercicios técnicos de CrossFit de alta demanda pueden provocar lesiones
Algunos ejercicios técnicos de CrossFit de alta demanda pueden provocar lesiones

How to treat CrossFit shoulder injuries    

A good diagnosis is very important as it is the best way to know how to prepare the best personalized intervention plan.

After a correct diagnosis of the injury, and contrary to the conventional recommendation of absolute rest, it would be more recommendable to hold relative rest with training adapted to the injury, aimed at avoiding the involvement of the injured area. It is therefore necessary to exercise the non-injured areas with alternative training.

Treatment with Capenergy’s tecar therapy will furthermore improve and speed up the recovery of the injured area.

Treatment of CrossFit shoulder injury with Capenergy

With Capenergy’s technology you will be able to treat and avoid injuries related to the practice of CrossFit. 

Capenergy’s therapeutic effect on the pain and disability is shown through a significant reduction of the intensity of the pain and the Lequesne index. 

Capenergy’s technology is used more and more for the treatment of shoulder pathologies.

Basic scientific studies and the first results of clinical studies have shown that the application of thermal energy can successfully reduce the shoulder capsule.

Tratamiento de lesión de hombro en CrossFit con tecarterapia
Tratamiento de lesión de hombro en CrossFit con tecarterapia

This procedure is very helpful in the treatment of traumatic or recurring shoulder instability, especially in athletes who need to maintain their movement range.

The recovery is faster than with surgical procedures and there is little alteration of the inherent anatomy. On a technical level, the procedure is easy to carry out and the complication rate is low.

Would you like to know more about second generation tecar therapy and how it can help you treat CrossFit injuries? Request a free demo!


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