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How to treat chronic inflammation with 2nd generation Tecar Therapy

Cómo tratar la inflamación crónica con tecarterapia de 2ª generación

Inflammation is at the origin of every illness. It is important to differentiate between acute and chronic inflammation

Acute inflammation is a response to aggression, whether an infection, a wound, a trauma or the effect of a toxic substance. Chronic inflammation on the other hand, occurs when the cause of the inflammation remains unsolved, generating a long-lasting pathological situation. Sometimes we are not aware that we’re suffering from a chronic inflammation. It is however important that we acknowledge its importance as it can lead to more severe chronic illnesses over time.

What causes chronic inflammation?

Acute inflammation is without any doubt necessary to repair damaged tissue. When the body damage is resolved, normal function is regained.

The problem occurs when inflammation persists over time. It then triggers so-called chronic low-grade inflammation, a much more complex process that ends up turning into a dysfunction in itself and that can be the cause and consequence of several metabolic illnesses

We’re talking about illnesses as varied as: depression, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative illnesses and even autoimmune diseases. 

What are the causes of chronic inflammation? 

Chronic inflammation is really very much linked to our lifestyle: obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet, alterations of the microbiota, circadian deregulation, chronic stress, ….

La obesidad, el sedentarismo o una mala dieta puede originar la inflamación crónica
La obesidad, el sedentarismo o una mala dieta puede originar la inflamación crónica

How to treat chronic inflammation with Capenergy technology

Thanks to the introduction of healthy habits in our everyday life, such as exercise, adequate stress management, good diet and in some cases some vitamin supplements, we can reduce this inflammation.

Capenergy’s high power radio frequency  is a medical alternative for the treatment of pathologies of inflammatory origin. 

It increases vascularization, improves fluid mobilization and cell regeneration through localized hyperthermia, turning it into the ideal tool  for the treatment of patients suffering from this type of disease.

Capenergy’s radio frequency acts on different key systems of the body:

  • Nervous system: it obtains an effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which will help us control stress and, at the same time, will have an effect on the circadian regulation. 
  • Lymphatic system: it helps us increase the mobilization of inflammatory substances and  toxin discharge.
  • Digestive system: It improves the intestinal transit and acts on the fatty tissue.

It is also important to take into account that when the device acts on the inflammation of the visceral fatty tissue, this has an effect on the system level, which functions as a trigger for the onset and spreading of low-grade inflammation. 

We can achieve this effect through the application of the  automatic plates, which are equipped with a temperature sensor. They allow us to increase the contact surface area and enable a significantly larger energy delivery, which is precisely one of CAPENERGY TECAR EVOLUTION’s key differences.  

Talking about other TECAR (acronym for ‘Transferencia Eléctrica Capacitiva y Resistiva’ – Capacitive and Resistive Electrical Transfer) technologies, CAPENERGY stands out among them because of its technological differences: the possibility of having more than 1 channel (ranging from 2 to up to 4 independent radio frequency emitting channels), the availability if 3 frequencies that allow intelligent mapping to select the frequency with the best coupling and the exclusive automatic treatments.

Capenergy es la alternativa médica en el tratamiento de patologías con origen inflamatorio
Capenergy es la alternativa médica en el tratamiento de patologías con origen inflamatorio

These technological differences allow for a multidisciplinary approach and fluid mobilization through the generated vascularization and electromagnetic drainage. The radio frequency travels from the active plate, the emitting element equipped with a temperature sensor, to the passive plate, which acts as the return element. The current and the electromagnetic effect generate a molecular effect along their transit. 

When we talk about the lymphatic, nervous and digestive system, searching for similarities, we can say they form a whole of vessels and other anatomical structures that form a network for the mobilization of body liquids with specific functions. The generated increase in blood oxygenation leads to cell regeneration and generates a general anti-inflammatory effect and increase of the immune response. 

All these effects can be easily obtained with CAPENERGY’s automatic radio frequency system. The results are achieved through the combined principle of the electromagnetic laws of molecular agitation, the Brownian movement and the Joule effect, since the radio frequency emission uses and runs through these internal network channels of each of the treated body systems. This is hard to achieve with manual application only and therefore, Capenergy’s automatic treatments have demonstrated their efficiency in the treatment of certain pathologies.  

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