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Mastitis and how to treat it with tecar therapy

Mastitis y su tratamiento con tecarterapia

Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue, generally associated with breastfeeding, even though it can also affect non lactating women and it’s one of the main preventable reasons for the cessation of breastfeeding. It ‘s quite common, furthermore, as 2% to 33% of lactating women end up developing mastitis. 

Mastitis can be diagnosed easily based on the symptoms presented by the woman and the results from the breast examination. 

But…. What causes this inflammatory breast disease?

Causes of mastitis

If the baby is not effectively lactating or does not breastfeed for many hours in a row, engorgement can occur. Accumulated milk makes the breast swell and tighten, the skin becomes shiny and edemas or reddening can appear as well.  

La ingurgitación es una de las causas que provocan una mastitis
La ingurgitación es una de las causas que provocan una mastitis

Engorgement is not only caused by milk accumulation, but also by inflammation of the breast tissue, which obstructs the milk ducts of the breast while at the same time impeding lymphatic drainage. 

As a consequence, lactating becomes harder as the milk cannot flow easily and the nipple can flatten due to the inflammation, making it harder for the baby to latch on and empty the breast. 

Breast engorgement can furthermore be very painful  and if left untreated, it can lead to duct obstruction, mastitis and even breast abscesses. 

There are also other factors that can predispose to the development of mastitis:  

  • Reduction of maternal defenses associated with the postpartum period and stress. 
  • Deficient nutrition. 
  • Injuries to the nipples, like wounds or fissures
  • Having suffered previously from mastitis
  • Being a carrier of  staphylococcus aureus
  • Certain variations in the breast anatomy (flat nipple or inverted nipple)
  • Inadequate hygiene of expression tools or hands before and after expression and breast massages. 
  • Routine use of nipple creams that make it harder to achieve a good mouth-nipple adhesion

How to treat mastitis

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast tissue that sometimes leads to infection. The inflammation causes pain, burning, swelling, heat and reddening of the breasts. It can also possibly cause fever and cold shivers.

La mastitis provoca dolor, ardor, hinchazón y enrojecimiento en los pechos
La mastitis provoca dolor, ardor, hinchazón y enrojecimiento en los pechos

In general, medical treatment includes the use of antibiotics and analgesics. It is also important to take precautions to avoid the mastitis from getting worse: 

  • Frequently offer the breast. It is important to assure an effective emptying of the breast. 
  • If the breast is very tight and hard and the baby can’t latch on well, we can express the milk (preferably manually) to soften the breast and make it easier for the baby to latch on.  
  • In order for the milk to flow more easily, before feeding, heat can be applied to the breast for a couple of minutes with a little massage, to help the ducts dilate so the milk can flow more readily.   
  • After feeding, to alleviate the swelling, cold can be applied to reduce the inflammation. 
  • In case the baby does not empty the breast adequately, the best way to express milk is manually. But be careful: a breast pump can be counterproductive, because trying to express milk when the ducts are obstructed by inflammation can generate an increase of the inflammation and the edema around the nipple.   
  • The warm humidity of the shower can also be used to perform a massage and express milk to relieve the breasts. 
  • It is important to use an adequately sized bra, well-adjusted, without underwire and ideally made out of 100% cotton. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated and eat a healthy and varied diet. Breastfeeding requires a lot of energy and a lot of water intake. This is why it ‘s so important to stay hydrated.

Mastitis treatment with Capenergy tecar therapy

Capenergy’s radiofrequency devices help us reduce inflammation and liquid retention in the breast tissues.

They are furthermore a great ally for pain relief, stimulating the milk flow and reducing the obstructions of the conducts. 

Would you like to experience Capenergy’s tecar therapy and see how it can improve the results obtained in physiotherapy treatments? Request a free demo.

Mastitis and how to treat it with tecar therapy
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Mastitis and how to treat it with tecar therapy
With Capenergy's tecar therapy you will be able to treat mastitis, reducing the inflammation, pain and liquid retention in the breast tissue.


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