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How to specialize in dermatofunctional physiotherapy with Capenergy

Cómo especializarse en fisioterapia dermatofuncional con Capenergy

Dermatofunctional physiotherapy or physio-aesthetics, is an increasingly expanding field within physiotherapy that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It covers the needs of those persons that want to improve their general state of health which at the same time, reflects on an aesthetic level.  

With Capenergy’s 2nd generation radiofrequency, you can help  patients take care of what’s on the inside, accelerating cellular regeneration, thus obtaining aesthetical benefits.

What is dermatofunctional physiotherapy?

Thanks to dermatofunctional physiotherapy, you will help correct your patient’s imperfections and skin problems, that can result from ageing, surgical procedures or ramifications that affect the integrity of the integumentary tissues.  

Certain skin alterations, apart from affecting on an aesthetic level, also imply a loss of functionality. For instance, patients with burn wounds, any type of scars (after liposuction, for example), dermatosis, cellulite, stretch marks, abdominal diastasis, loose skin, fluid retention, vasculitis, varicose veins, etc.

Fisioterapia dermatofuncional, más allá de los cuidados estéticos
Fisioterapia dermatofuncional, más allá de los cuidados estéticos

With the face and body treatment that dermatofunctional physiotherapy, or physio-aesthetics can offer, you will not only obtain health and beauty benefits, but also a significant improvement of the patient’s self esteem.

How does dermatofunctional physiotherapy work?

The first step would be a complete evaluation by the physiotherapist, examining the skin condition, to detect cutaneous and subcutaneous alterations. 

A visual exam is also carried out, measurements are taken with a tape measure, as well as plicometrics and corporal composition evaluation by bioimpedance to check the percentages of fat/water/muscle mass.

El primer paso es una valoración completa por parte del fisioterapeuta
El primer paso es una valoración completa por parte del fisioterapeuta

Then an ultrasound scan is carried out to visualize the profound skin layers, to evaluate the state of the subcutaneous fat and to differentiate the hard from the soft cellulite. 

All these tools allow showing the evolution of the patient after each treatment session and adapting the treatment accordingly, as each body is different and not everybody requires the same dermatofunctional physiotherapy treatment. 

The tools used by physiotherapists for the treatment of these alterations include: manual techniques, such as circulatory massages, manual lymphatic drainage, anticellulite, firming or toning massages. 

These basic techniques can be combined with instrumental therapy or electromedical devices. On the one hand, within instrumental therapy, we can find tools such as  Maderotherapy or Metallotherapy, that help penetrate the affected tissues even more. There are tools available of different shapes and sizes that adapt to each different area of the face and body.

Dermatofunctional physiotherapy and Capenergy

Apart from the mentioned tools and techniques, technology is going to be an important ally in these treatments, enabling more effectiveness in shorter periods of time.

Tratamiento fisioterapia dermatofuncional con Capenergy
Tratamiento fisioterapia dermatofuncional con Capenergy

Capenergy’s Tecar therapy technology can be of great help in these fields with both superficial and profound effects. 

  • The produced hyperthermia speeds up global metabolic activity. This initiates neocollagenesis, degrading the destructured collagen and stimulating the creation of new type I and type III collagen fibers that will boost the tissues strength and firmness.
  • A lipolytic effect is also obtained that contributes to the fat breakdown, which is very helpful in the treatment of cellulite, lipedema, etc.  
  • You can also perform athermal treatments, very useful for electromagnetic drainages, and much more efficient and profound than manual drainages. It goes beyond lymphatic drainage, as you mobilize both water and blood, stimulating the return blood flow and improving edemas and lymphedemas.

How to specialize in dermatofunctional physiotherapy

You now have the perfect opportunity to sign up for the Master of Dermatofunctional Physio-aesthetics organized by Nus Agency.

This complete training, starting September 2023, has been created for those wanting to obtain the knowledge necessary to work as a specialist in dermatofunctional physio-aesthetics. 

You will be trained professionally and will gain proficiency in dermatofunctional physiotherapy, with an approach that includes far more than just taking care of person. This master has a double degree, accredited by the University of Nebrija with 60 ECTS credits.  

It furthermore gives access points to job exchanges and job banks as well as merit-based competitions.   

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! 12 modules on specialized dermatofunctional physiotherapy are waiting for you. 

If you are a client of Capenergy, you can now get a 10% discount when signing up, using the discount code CapenergyMFE.

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