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How to treat alopecia with Capenergy’s capillary tecar therapy

Cómo combatir la alopecia con tecarterapia capilar Capenergy

One of the aspects that most shows the passing of time in a person and his or her aging, is the loss and thinning of the hair which can even lead to the appearance of very much dreaded alopecia or baldness. 

Our hair truly has a major impact on our personal appearance and therefore plays an important role in us feeling comfortable with ourselves and us having adequate self esteem.

It is estimated that on a daily base we naturally lose 50 to 100 hairs. In springtime, this hair loss can be more noticeable. Furthermore, as we age, this hair loss tends to increase, leaving certain areas with less hair while at the same time the hair becomes thinner, weaker and less shiny.  

One of the most common symptoms that tends to alarm us is finding more lost hairs in the shower or on our pillow case.

What causes alopecia?

The most common cause of this type of hair loss is androgenic alopecia or common baldness. This type of hair loss is inherited from one ‘s father or mother.The hair loss caused by this type of alopecia tends to progress rapidly between the age of 20 and 30 and stabilizes at the age of 40.   

There also exist other causes linked to environmental factors, such as the change of season or intense solar radiation, as well as individual factors such as stress, postpartum, lack of certain vitamins or the intake of certain medicines, etc.

La caída de cabello también puede estar asociada a factores ambientales
Hair loss can also be linked to environmental factors.

When you start noticing these symptoms and in order to avoid the hair loss from getting worse, you should visit a specialist, who can evaluate the cause and the percentage of hair loss and offer an adequate solution for each case.

How to treat alopecia

Current medical solutions include several types of medicine and surgery. At Capenergy we recommend using capillary tecar therapy as one of the most efficient non surgical solutions for hair loss. 

There are other non surgical solutions as well. For instance dietary changes or the intake of food supplements, psychological therapy to solve the stress caused by the hair loss, the use of shampoos with special anti-hair loss formulas or the local application of specific products to the scalp. 

Even in those cases where the hair is apparently strong and healthy, it is important to take good care to prevent hair loss, especially if there’s a family history of alopecia.

Alopecia treatment with Capenergy’s capillary tecar therapy

Capenergy’s tecar therapy offers a preventive treatment that is not aggressive for the hair or the scalp and does not have any unwanted side effects. 

It is a pleasant, non-invasive treatment that strengthens the capillary tissue and the hair bulb..Through treatment sessions of 15 to 30 minutes, the professional massages the scalp with a radiofrequency electrode that generates a pleasant warmth in the area, accompanied by a profound relaxation.

Tratamiento alopecia con tecarterapia capilar Capenergy
Alopecia treatment with Capenergy’s capillary tecar therapy

The keys to success of the alopecia treatment with capillary tecar therapy are

  • On the one hand, its vasodilator effect which increases the trophism in the area and stimulates the hair bulb, increasing the latter’s oxygen and nutrient supply thanks to the increase of the blood flow, which tends to have suffered a decrease. The hair will become stronger and more resistant.
  • On the other hand, it is important to not only stimulate the hair bulb but to also improve the condition of the scalp, as the scalp supports the hair root within the follicle. Radiofrequency increases fibroblast activity and therefore the production of both elastin and collagen, essential components for a healthy skin. This greatly improves the health of the scalp and therefore also of the capillary tissue. 

During the radiofrequency treatment, we can furthermore apply specific active principles to rejuvenate the follicles and stimulate the hair roots. The passage of the current triggers electroporation, provoking the opening up of protein channels in the cell membrane. This way the product penetrates deeply, achieving a virtual mesotherapy effect. 

It is also important to point out that Capenergy’s capillary tecar therapy treatment is adequate for all hair and skin types, even the most sensitive ones. The contraindications are the same general contraindications as for regular tecar therapy (pregnancy, pacemaker, risk of thrombosis, …).

It is also very useful for the treatment of scalps with a tendency towards dandruff or flaking, as it regulates the sebum production while at the same improving the retention of the hair’s humidity, providing it with a natural hydration, more thickness, shine and volume.

Thanks to the stimulation, reconstruction and vascularization of the cell matrix, this treatment deeply nourishes the hair follicle making it grow stronger and thicker.

However! It is important to point out that this treatment will not regenerate follicles that no longer exist. Once the follicle has died, the only currently existing method to bring back hair to the area is through hair transplant surgery.  

A timely diagnosis is therefore important in order to be able to treat the issue in its initial phase when effective recovery is still possible.

This type of treatment is furthermore adequate for androgenic alopecia or common baldness. In these cases the androgens (male hormones) have suffered an increase, causing the progressive thinning of the hair follicles until they become very fine hairs.. We cannot treat cases of complete baldness with a total absence of follicles: we need a scalp with a minimum of hair density so we can strengthen the follicles and stimulate all the previously described processes. 

In cases where alopecia is the result of other causes or pathologies, like alopecia areata, eczema, psoriasis, infections of the scalp or the intake of specific medicines, it will be necessary to check with your doctor what the best treatment option can be.

Why Capenergy’s tecar therapy?

Whether you’re already a capillary health professional or whether you have a beauty salon and you would like to offer your customers capillary treatment, Capenergy can be your technological ally.

Con Capenergy no solo tratarás la alopecia, sino multitud de patologías
With Capenergy you will not only treat alopecia, but a wide range of pathologies.

With our device you will not only be able to offer capillary treatments, you will have a complete device that allows you to offer a wide range of treatments such as flaccidity, expression lines, wrinkles, marks and scars, reduction of the Bichat bags, etc.

Even though the only currently existing method to recover hair growth is a hair transplant, Capenergy’s tecar therapy treatment can help those who’ve undergone transplant surgery speed up the post-op recovery process.  

In conclusion, the effect of radiofrequency on the hair bulb will increase the blood flow, which, together with the stimulation of the manual massage and the effect of the virtual mesotherapy, will offer a general treatment of the hair root and the scalp, creating a visibly thicker mane with more volume that looks healthier, creating a younger image

Would you like to know more about Capenergy’s capillary tecar therapy and how it can help you treat alopecia? Request a free demo.