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How to boost the lymphatic system with Capenergy

Cómo potenciar el sistema linfático con Capenergy

The lymphatic system is a complex and vital network closely linked to the circulatory system to maintain the human body ‘s health and balance. Consisting of a series of vessels, lymph nodes and organs, the lymphatic system plays a crucial role in functions as diverse as immunity, elimination of toxins and fat absorption. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of the lymphatic system and we’ll explain how Capenergy’s advanced technology can boost its functioning to improve people’s health and wellbeing. 

The importance of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system, often looked over but of fundamental importance for our health, has different essential functions in the human body. One of its main responsibilities is the drainage of interstitial liquid, which is the fluid surrounding the body cells. This liquid, consisting mainly of filtered blood plasma, contains nutrients, oxygen and other vital substances for the cell. The lymphatic system gathers this liquid and transports it back to the bloodstream to avoid excess accumulation and to maintain the body’s water balance.  

Apart from the interstitial liquid drainage, the lymphatic system is also responsible for the transport of fat and for the immune defense. In the GI tract, the lymphatic vessels called chiliferous vessels absorb the fat and the fatty acids of the digested food and transport them to the bloodstream through the thoracic duct. This is a crucial function for the correct absorption of nutrients and for a healthy digestive system in general. 

Una de las funciones del sistema linfático es el drenaje del líquido intersticial
Una de las funciones del sistema linfático es el drenaje del líquido intersticial

Last but not least, the lymphatic system plays a key role in the body ‘s immune defense. The lymph nodes, which act like immune watchmen, contain lymphocytes and other immune cells that identify and destroy pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.  

Furthermore, the lymphatic system is also responsible for the production and maturation of immune cells in the bone marrow and other lymphoid organs. s.

The lymphatic collectors: Pillars of the lymphatic system

In the human body, the lymphatic collectors receive the lymphatic vessels. They are a crucial part of the lymphatic system. Among these lymphatic collectors, the main ones are:  

  1. Cisterna chyli: Located below the diaphragm, this structure receives the infradiaphragmatic lymphatic vessels, in charge of collecting the lymph of the lower half of the body. 
  2. Thoracic duct: Coming from the cisterna chyli, this conduct passes through the thorax, where it picks up the lymph from the lower and left half of the thorax, the left upper limb as well as the left part of the head and neck. 
  3. Right lymphatic duct: In charge of collecting the lymph of the right part of the body. 

With regards to distribution, approximately three-quarters of the lymph go to the thoracic duct, while the other quarter funnels towards the right lymphatic duct. This system of lymphatic collectors assures adequate circulation and transports the lymph throughout the body. 

Lymphatic disorders and treatment options

In spite of its importance, the lymphatic system can present disorders which negatively affect health and wellbeing. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump and it can sometimes suffer certain alterations: 

  • Obstruction or blocking, causing an accumulation of fluids: lymphedema.  This obstruction can be caused by the presence of scar tissue (because of damaged vessels or lymph nodes or when the latter are surgically removed) or radiotherapy.  
  • Infection causing inflammation of the lymph nodes. 
  • Cancer of the white blood cells, such as lymphoma and tumors in other organs which can lead to metastasis in the surrounding lymph nodes.  

These ailments can be the result of obstruction, infection, traumas or underlying diseases. 

Lipedema por obstrucción o bloqueo
Lipedema por obstrucción o bloqueo

To treat these disorders, health professionals have several therapeutic options: 

  • Lymphatic drainage, a physiotherapy technique using gentle and slow massages to improve lymphatic circulation, is a common option for the treatment of lymphedema and other lymphatic issues. 
  • Mechanic mesotherapy using inflatable chambers to apply gradual pressure from the distal to the proximal end. In specific cases, this can also be useful to improve lymphatic drainage.   
  • Another treatment option is the use of multi-layer bandages, applied both day and night to generate variations in pressure and to boost lymphatic drainage.  

Benefits of Capenergy technology in lymphatic drainage treatments

One of the most innovative options to boost the lymphatic system is Capenergy’s high power radiofrequency technology. 

Capenergy’s 2nd generation devices use high power radio frequency to stimulate the lymphatic drainage in an automatic and safe way. And unlike other lymphatic drainage techniques, such as manual massage or pressotherapy, which generate a mechanical pumping during the treatment session, Capenergy’s technology allows for a continuous and complementary stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Estimulación electromagnética automática
Estimulación electromagnética automática

This automatic electromagnetic stimulation offers a series of benefits for both the health professional and the patient. 

For the professional, Capenergy’s technology allows saving time and effort, granting an automatic and effective way of approaching lymphatic drainage. Capenergy’s technology offers a comfortable and pleasant experience to the patient, without pain or other inconveniences associated with other techniques of lymphatic drainage. 

In short, Capenergy’s high power radiofrequency technology offers an innovative and effective solution to boost the lymphatic system and improve health and wellbeing. With its capacity to stimulate the lymphatic drainage in an automatic and comfortable way, Capenergy’s TECAR EVOLUTION devices present a high value tool for health professionals looking to offer more efficient and comfortable treatments to their patients. 

Would you like to know more about Capenergy radiofrequency and how it can help you treat different ailments at your clinic? Request a free demo.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system with Capenergy
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Stimulation of the lymphatic system with Capenergy
Discover how to boost the lymphatic system with Capenergy's advanced technology and how second generation radiofrequency can help you treat lymphatic disorders.