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Capenergy: The best ally for getting one’s figure back

Capenergy, el mejor aliado para recuperar la figura

With the weather getting better and summer being around the corner, a lot of people start taking action to get their figure back and to get rid of those few extra kilos, love handles, saddle bags or even cellulite that has appeared during the autumn and winter months. 

It’s the time of the year to take care of our bodies so we can feel more secure, comfortable and healthy… while also looking better. Discover why Capenergy can help you get one’s figure back in less time.

Why can Capenergy help you get one’s figure back in less time?

Capenergy’s aesthetic device C 4.0  stands out because of its powerful and effective technology. As the only device on the market with 4 independent channels, it introduces a major radiofrequency current, thanks to its large sized automatic plates, allowing the obtention of better results in less treatment sessions.  

“Thanks to the cellular stimulation achieved by the application with CAPENERGY, results are obtained from the first session on.”

Combat cellulite and flaccidity with Capenergy

Without any doubt, the most requested body treatments before summer are abdominal tightening and cellulite reduction or removal

Cellulite, localized fat, flaccidity and stretch marks are no longer a problem with Capenergy’s second generation radiofrequency. 

Capenergy’s radiofrequency is a powerful biostimulator that induces a series of biological reactions in the organism, stimulating fat, liquid and toxin removal

Con Capenergy eliminarás grasa, líquidos y toxinas
Con Capenergy eliminarás grasa, líquidos y toxinas

Furthermore, thanks to the internal temperature increase produced inside the body after the application of Capenergy radiofrequency, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, which helps the skin regain its firmness, reducing and in some cases even completely eliminating, the flaccidity generated after rapid weight loss or pregnancy.

On the other hand, in case of localized fat, Capenergy’s technology acts directly on the adipocyte, reducing its size and stimulating its removal. 

The C 4.0, aesthetic radiofrequency device with 4 channels and 1.240W, allows the professional to sculpt the abdomen and saddle bags at the same time, thanks to its automatic or ‘hands off’ mode. 

You will no longer need 1 hour to address your customers real issues, nor will you need to spread the sessions per area. With Capenergy you will be able to sculpt in less time, achieving better results over the entire body.

Only 3 steps to get one’s figure back in less time

You will only need 3 steps to obtain never before seen aesthetic results in your clients: 

Step 1: Stimulation of circulation and adiposities

To get back in shape in less time, Capenergy’s radiofrequency treatment is to achieve a powerful internal temperature increase, especially in the adipose tissues

Two automatic plates will be placed on the abdomen and two more on the saddle bags. With a treatment duration of 15 minutes.

Tratamiento con placas automáticas para recuperar la figura
Tratamiento con placas automáticas para recuperar la figura

This step does not require any manual application by the aesthetics professional: Capenergy can work in automatic mode. Furthermore, to assure the client’s safety and wellbeing, the device has a safety probe controlled by the person receiving the treatment. On the other hand, the active plates are equipped with temperature sensors allowing the gradual increase of temperature during the treatment.

Step 2: Firming treatment + Lymphatic drainage 

During this step, the goal of the treatment is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in order to reduce flaccidity. 

In order to achieve this goal, the capacitive and resistive electrodes are used at the same time , applying ascending movements on the abdomen and saddle bags which will assure further firming of the tissues.

Reafirmación de tejidos con capacitivo y resistivo a la vez
Reafirmación de tejidos con capacitivo y resistivo a la vez

Since the  C 4.0 has 4 channels, the automatic plates that were previously placed on the saddle bags, can now be repositioned on the foot soles, in order to perform lymphatic drainage at the same time.  

The duration of the treatment is 30 minutes: 10 minutes for the abdominal area, 10 minutes for the saddle bags on the right and 10 minutes for the saddle bags on the left. 

Furthermore, the ttwo type of electrodes, capacitive and resistive, can be used simultaneously to treat more profound areas. The resistive electrode acts on fat and low-water-content tissues while the monopolar capacitive electrode acts more superficially on the skin and muscles. Combining both, we can treat from the epidermis to the muscles, all at once. 

Step 2: Lymphatic drainage (optional)

The goal of this step is to mobilize liquids and toxins, which will helps us seal the treatment in a more biological way. Based upon the client’s perception, the drainage can be prolonged by 10 minutes, to offer the client this quality time in automatic mode. Regular treatment time is 10 minutos.

Drenaje linfático con radiofrecuencia Capenergy
Drenaje linfático con radiofrecuencia Capenergy

In short, the efficiency of this type of treatment is due to the automatic treatments: in only 45 minutes time you can perform a complete body shaping session on the abdomen and saddle bags, with the possibility of prolonging the lymphatic drainage by 10 minutes.

The number of sessions depends on the desired results. Furthermore, with a 4 channel radiofrequency device, different combinations can be made. For instance, manual facial treatment + abdominal and saddle bag treatment in automatic mode. 

This is one of the biggest advantages of Capenergy’s technology: it stands out because of the automatic applications and the so-called cross fires, being the simultaneous application of the capacitive and resistive electrodes. 

Would you like to know more about Capenergy radiofrequency and how it can help you with your beauty treatments? Request a  free demo.