Tecartherapy device C50 for therapeutical treatments at home

Equipo C50 de Capenergy

C50 device of Capenergy

Because of its small and manageable size, the Tecartherapy C50 has become the tecartherapy device of choice for physiotherapists in Spain when carrying out home treatments, or even for treating elite sportspeople on the sports field. Today, we share with you the main characteristics of this powerful device designed with the Capenergy technology.

It is particularly recommended for physiotherapy treatments and sports medicine, and it is the first equipment in the manual technology family. Through its treatment channel, you can select the options for manual capacitive or manual resistive modes.

Like the other Capenergy models, it has been designed to provide sufficient energy output to generate the optimum biological effect, while always maintaining safety conditions. It can be applied over one area of the body at a time, whether the treatment is capacitive or resistive.

Furthermore, a common characteristic of the Capenergy equipment is the overcurrent alarm, which protects the equipment and the patient from any excessive delivery of energy. The patient also has a safety control which allows them to control the therapy.

Find out if this device is the most suitable one for your needs

Below, we reply to four questions which we are sure you will find useful for deciding if the Tecartherapy C50 device is the one you need.

  • Can this model provide automatic treatments?

No, it can only provide manual treatments.

  • Can it treat two parts of the body automatically at the same time?

No. For example, in the case of a bilateral gonarthrosis, it can only treat one knee for 20 minutes with the manual accessory, and then you will need to repeat the treatment procedure on the other joint.

  • Can I change the work frequency?

Yes, you can do this without a problem.

  • In a radiated pathology treatment, can I work with two active elements, both the cause of the problem as its radiation, during the same period of time? How would I treat sciatica with this machine?

No, you cannot. Firstly, you should treat the lumbar pathology, as the origin of the problem and then the radiation (probably the gluteal area where the inflammation occurs). This will consist of two consecutive sessions of 20 minutes each.

If you have further questions, our expert team are at your disposal to respond to any doubts you may have. Lastly, remember that all our equipment is covered by the Medical Certificate 13485, which guarantees your client that they are in good hands.

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