Advantages of CAPENERGY

Simplify the daily work of a rehabilitation clinic multiplying the benefits

It is a modern work system based on an extremely simple protocol that allows you to simplify your daily work at your rehabilitation clinic, and to multiply the benefits. It is based on a completely innovative electrotherapy  device: the Hyperthermia. It treats the most common problems you encounter at the rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit of a hospital or private practice.

Four adjectives describe this device:
1. Comfortable, because it can do without the physical presence of the operator to realize the treatment
2. Reliable, because in almost all cases the patient experiences a notable improvement
3. Secure, because all kinds of measures have been taken to to protect the patient
4. Fast, because you don’t have to wait for the results to become visible.

This type of therapy is the result of the identification of the most common problems faced by pain treatment and rehabilitation centers. A device was created that does not require hiring additional staff to operate it (implying there’s no need to invest in excess qualified labor).

A device was created that obtains better results with less effort, improving painful conditions from the first session on. Nevertheless, the patient does not have to undergo convulsive currents or unpleasant sensations in order to obtain this analgesic effect. It therefore becomes an extremely pleasant therapy for the patient, which will leave him feeling entirely satisfied.

Also, a device was created that makes it possible to simultaneously treat various pathologies or body parts of a patient , thusly accelerating the patient’s recovery and reducing his convalescence time.

However, it also allows to treat various patients at the same time, shortening the waiting lists.

In short: lot’s of patients, good results, happy patients: a quickly paid off investment and assured benefits

It is a fundamental and indispensable ally in therapeutic rehabilitation and physioterapy centers 

It is by itself a form of therapy for high quality and reliable treatments with quick and long-lasting results. 
But it is also a great enhancer of treatments carried out with conventional therapies (electrical stimulation, TENS, galvanic, magnetic, etc.). Because the increase of blood circulation improves the oxygen tension in the blood, reduces the pressure of carbon dioxide and improves cell tropism.

Therefore, any treatment preceded by the application of hyperthermia has guaranteed better results than with the exclusive use of conventional electrotherapy.

It is not dangerous

This kind of current is not dangerous, in comparison to known hyperthermia devices. The working frequency is 0.9 MHz (compared with working frequencies of traditional equipment, which are at least 27 MHz, which means 27 million of changes of polarity of the current per second, compared to the million polarity changes of the hyperthermia current per second). Normally, for example, this kind of devices is installed in special cubicles, where the radiation does not interfere with people or other devices.

This does not happen with Hyperthermia, which does not present any danger to the operator or the patient or other equipment. And without any problem can be surrounded by other electrotherapy equipment.

There is no danger for the operator:

For example, usually  it is impossible to operate a microwave, shortwave or radar device when wearing bracelets or necklaces. The interception of radiation can cause the metal to reach such high temperatures that two bracelets can be melted together (literally welded, with the aggravating circumstance that this happen on the skin surface), with the consequent risk of burns for the therapist. This doesn´t happen with hyperthermia.

Pregnant women can´t be subjected to radar or microwaves sessions. So neither can pregant therapists because of the danger of radiation on the fetus. With hyperthermia there is no counter-indication for the operator.

It doesn´t present danger to other devices:
For example, microwave or radar can not be applied in installations containing electrostimulating currents, interferential currents, galvanization, paraffin or hydrotherapy, because of the danger of interference with these devices. However, hyperthermia can be used safely in areas with various devices considering its radiation remains within the accepted parameters of 0.9 Mhz.

More effective: better results in less time

The Active Multiplate Technology allows for a faster improvement of nociceptive processes in general, among other pathologies, thanks to the large treatment surface that can be covered.

The results are more effective than those obtained with other techniques and longer lasting. The fact that it covers and treats not only the pathological area, but also its surroundings favors the drainage of metabolites thusly speeding up the solution of the problem.

More comfort for the therapist

  • More comfort for the therapist
  • He works alone. Automatic connection by boards
  • Several body parts can be worked at the same time so the patient’s recovery is faster.
  • Several patients can be treated at the same time allowing to accelerate the rehabilitation of more people simultaneously and increasing the daily passage of patients in rehabilitation clinics.
  • It works with a dual system. This is the only device on the market that includes a dual enforcement system, based on an automatic and a manual technique. This allows the therapist to enjoy the benefits of both treatments without compromising either.

Completely safe

The device has been equipped with a system that guarantees the patient’s absolute safety.

Should anything out of order occur (temperature increase, patient fainting when falling asleep …), the device is disconnected.

This ensures the patient’s integrity as well as the tranquility of the therapist.

Specific treatment surface

Define the surface treatment of the patient. This allows for a better use of the  current in pathological areas and less energy loss in areas where it’s not needed.This factor is an essential condition if you want to reduce the potency of the device and its riskiness.

For example, sciatica: passive plate on the lumbar area, passive plate at the end of the pain ramification (femur or ankle).

For example, pain relieve: in the ankle area, with ramifications towards the front part of the calf muscle (common in athletes and football players).

Differential biological effect

  • The biological effect caused by Hyperthermia in the body is more in tune with  natural biological reactions than conventional hyperthermia equipment. For instance, the internal heating of tissues is slower but more durable in comparison to other systems of internal thermo-heating. It takes the tissues longer to heat up, but its biological effect is more powerful and durable.
  • The activation process of biological reactions is slower, but more in line with the metabolic reactions of the human body. The body needs more time to convert the current in deep heat, but retains the heat for longer periods of time, benefits can even be seen 24 to 48 hours later.
  • So they are more similar to the biological processes that naturally occur in our body, and therefore more effective on a therapeutical level. It acts directly on the ill cells: the passage of current generates an increase of the metabolic reactions in the tissues located between the two treatment plates. This results in a greater drainage (and elimination) of the metabolites that surround the ill cells and a larger (and faster) cell mitosis.
  • The tissue resistance to the passage of this current causes a rise of the internal tissue temperature. Our organism then sends the body’s cooling element to cool the overheated area: THE BLOOD.

The increased circulation in the affected area drags along all the toxins surrounding the ill cell (waste of cellular respiration) that accumulate in the intercellular tissue. In turn, the blood carries more oxygen (increased oxygen tension in the blood) while at the same time it removes the carbon dioxide (decreased oxygen tension in the blood).

In short: The cell has everything it needs to do its job. And when that happens the patient’s recovery is rapid.

It produces a psychological soothing effect in the patients, one of general wellbeing.
The thermal effect has a decontracting, analgesic and sedative effect on the patient.

This creates a feeling of wellbeing and harmony in the person undergoing treatment.

The relaxation produced is so important that it’s possible to relax a person upto the point of inducing them to sleep.

Therefore it is recommended as a complementary technique in anti-stress treatments or when the patient presents neuromuscular tension.

Early detection of dysfunction or pathology

The affected area shows a more intense hyperemia. The internal inflammation is translated on the outside by a visible reddening of the skin, which allows to detect muscle contractions, osseous erosions, tendinitis, decalcification, , fibroids, fibrocystic problems etc.

Powerful iontophoresis of all sorts of products

Powerful iontophoresis of all sorts of products
Apart fromthe unique therapeutic effect of the device, it is also important to know the great capacity this equipment has to penetrate drugs.

The penetration capability has a ratio of approximately 1 gram of cream per minute.

Besides cream, it’s also possible to penetrate ionized liquids, geloids, homeopathic products and even medicines in the shape of dissolved pills.

In order for the biological effect to take place, you only need to perform treatments of 20 minute-sessions aprox.

This treatment time is merely meant to be a guide-line and varies also according to the potency of the program used, the treatment area, the accessories used and the distance between the plates (of which depends the intensity of the electromagnetic field that’s being created).

Allows feedback from the patient, to control the sequence of sessions and the patient’s progress.

You can monitor the improvement starting from the first session until the last one, all along the entire treatment.

When the body notices a malfunction or anomaly, the affected area accumulates a series of electrolytes. The worse the area gets, the more electrolytes and inflammation builds up (this is especcially the case for chronic diseases). The Hyperthermia CIMdevice is able to track down those electrolytes in the human body.

The areas where the electrolytes accumulate selectively draw power from the equipment. The areas with more inflammation and electrolytes will absorb more current and as a consequence of this, they will turn noticeably redder. This allows us to identify the exact location of the lesion so we can focus therapy on this area.

Design of components, fully adapted to the operational needs and way of working of the therapist

The design of the different accessories is based on the study of the movements and way of working of the personnel using electrotherapy equipment. This study revealed the problems therapists usually face when using this kind of devices.
One is, without doubt, the famous problem of the carpal tunnel syndrome that many professionals experience when using certain equipment, such as ultrasound, for hours in a row. The constant friction generated by moving these accessories causes the wrist joints to wear down prematurely.
The study of this problem has lead us to create accessories that are anatomically safe for the operator, because they make it possible to avoid corrupt movements that can have negative consequences for the professionals working with them.

Allows to fully adapt toanatomically abrupt areas 

All the accessories we’ve designed allow to work in a way that would be impossible for other devices:

  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Clavicle
  • Scapula
  • Ankle
  • Scalp
  • Knuckles
  • Bone callus

Constant research and development of new accessories, demanded by therapists

The constant research we perform on our devices has us continuously developping new accessories for our professionals to use. Some of the novelties:

  • a plate-shaped accessory for treating spine problems;
  • a passive plate that can be used to treat abrupt areas;
  • gel covers that adapt the treatment surface to the device’s accessories;
  • anatomical plate for osseous areas such as the knuckle bone.

There’s no risk of osseous erosion, on the contrary, it’s an excellent regenerator of the osteocytes and the soft tissues

  • While ultrasounds wear down the osseous tissue because of the constant hammering of the sound waves on the hard tissues, the Hyperthermia current has a reconstructive and regenerative effect because of the polarity change of the alternating current and the increase of the blood flow. The current penetrates the tissues, generates a therapeutical effect, leaves the body and returns to the device.
  • When the body is submitted to the effects of a current, the creation of an electromagnetical field contributes to osteosynthesis. The body perceives a current , which is the cause of the biological processes that follow later on.
  • With ultrasounds, on the other hand, the body is not submitted to the cause of a current, but to the consequence of a sonic wave, that is, to the therapeutical effect of the reverberation of the accessory producing the ultrasounds inside the body. The bones are submitted to the oscillating agression of the wave and no current flow is generated in the tissues. The body only perceives the consequences of this reverberation (the sonic vibration), which, in the case of osseous problems, can be very harmful to the patient. This is absolutely not the case with Hyperthermia.

Guaranteed hygiene

The treatment plates are used with biocompatible covers that allow to totally personalize the treatment.

Once a patient’s session has come to an end, the covers of the plates can be removed and cleaned fast and easy. The membranes that cover the manual accessoriers can be removed and disposed of after each session and new ones can be used for the next patient’s treatment. This improves the hygienic condition of the patients and offers and guarantees a better protection of the accessories.

It also makes it easier to use associated drugs and creams and speeds up the passing through of patients.

It’s absolutely harmless

There are no secondary or iatrogenic effects.

Exclusive technological advances

Three working frequencies according to the pathologies that need to be treated (0,8 MHz. 1MHz. 1,2 MHz). Three different working modes (manual and automatic capacitive coupling, direct manual coupling).

The CAPENERGY devices are equipped with high quality technical innovations. In the first place, they allow to select the working frecuency according to the pathology that has to be treated. This makes it possible to work in a more efficient way and to obtain results faster, considering the profoundness at which the energy penetrates the body varies according to the frequency that has been selected.

  • For instance, the frequency of 0,8 MHz is more efficient for direct coupling treatments aimed at the improvement of osseous pathologies.
  • The frequency of 1 MHz is recommended for inflammatory and painful processes, be it through capacitive or direct coupling.
  • For instance, the frequency of 1,2 MHz is indicated for aesthetic medicine, mostly with a capacitive coupling technique, be it manual or automatic.

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