Hyperthermia CAPENERGY is a novel medical technique that has applications in various medical fields.

Results are obtained with a velocity and effectiveness that stand out among other techniques, which, in similar situations, may even fail. The profoundness that can be reached with deep hyperthermia explains the use of CAPENERGY in various fields of application.

Discover why this technology is interesting.

Technology is here to help us. Use it to make life easier, more profitable, more efficient and more satisfying for the patient. Read more


In spite of the different terminologies used in different textbooks, since the beginning of 1900, the concepts of Diathermy, Hyperthermia and Endogenous Thermotherapy  are related  to high frequency electromagnetic fields that are applied to the body´s tissues. The goal of this application is to increase the temperature and thusly induce different therapeutic effects… Read more


The electrical balance (difference in membrane potential) of cells and molecular physiological shift that characterizes the matrix are requirements for a healthy body. The application of the condenser effect (CAPENERGY) to tissues creates a stream of moving loads by attraction / repulsion that affects the so-called basic tissue of Pischinger, and therefore the relationship between cells and their microenvironment, where life is born and destroyed…Read more

Application possibilities

CAPENERGY devices allow multiple application possibilities. With its three treatment options ( manual capacitive, manual resistive and automatic capacitive), you´ll be able to customize the therapy in function of to the number of channels available ton your device. See some examples… Read more

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