Small and handy, this device is powerful for therapy at home or to attend the elite athletes in the field.


C 50

Physiotherapy & Sports. Manual Tecartherapy

Electrical Transference of Capacitive and Resistive Energy (1 channel)

Equipped with a handle this great little macnie provides solutions “on the go.” You will be able to select the depth of the emission of energy in a superficial level, medium and deep, by choosing one of its three frequencies. It has a capacitive and resistive manual electrode.


models are designed to provide enough energy output to generate an optimal biological effect, while maintaining the safety conditions.
All devices are equipped with an overload
alarm, which protects the equipment and the patient before any excessive of energy. Capenergy machines have a safety circuit that allows patients to monitor therapy.

Technical Characteristics

  • Frequency: 0.8MHz, 1 MHz, 1.2MHz

          Automatic Capacitive Plates Outlets:  0
          Manual Capacitive Outlets: 1
          Passive Plates Outlets: 1

  • RESISTIVE:                                                                                          

          Resistive Manual Outlets: 1

  • Voltage and output power:
  • Automatic and Manual Modules 40 / 1000
  • V rms (aprox.) 320 – 380
  • Watt rms (aprox.) 130 – 75
  • Voltage: 230Va.c. +/- 10%
  • Maximum input power: 310 W 1993 concerning medical devices
  • Weight: 10,7 Kg
  • Dimensions: 347 x 420 x 220 mm
  • Maximum temperature for storage and transport: 0 + 70° C
  • Maximum storage and transport humidity25 + 85%
  • Automatic plate surfaceaprox. 240 cm2
  • Capacitive electrodes: Ø 33 mm – Ø 53 mm – Ø 65 mm
  • Resistive electrodes: Ø 33 mm – Ø 53 mm – Ø 65 mm
  • Classification for electrical safety: Class 1
  • Frequency Selection: Yes. In need of therapy: 0.8 MHz. 1 MHz. 1.2MHz.
  • Number of Channels Available: 1
  • Intelligent Channel: Yes. The same channel allows you to use the manual capacitive and resistive handprobe.
  • Multichannel Technology: No.    
  • Automatic Technology: No.
  • Option of Crossfires (manual CAP-RES combined application): No
  • Option of Combined Manual & Automatic Treatments: No.
  • Option of Bilateral Lymphatic Drainage –unattended–: No.
  • Temperature Monitoring by Sensor: No.
  • Suggestions of Treatment by Guided Program: Yes. (Athermal. Thermal. Highly thermal).
  • Basic or Advanced Screen: Yes.
  • Viewing Biofeedback Parameters (absorbed energy , qualitative indication of real-time power, coupling), to conduct clinical research: Yes.
  • Safety Switch: Yes.
  • Hygiene Systems for Accessories: Yes: Protective membranes for manual capacitive handpieces.


Explanation on the different uses with the device

Application on an area of the body:


  • Capacitive Manual Treatment
  • Resistive Manual Treatment

Find out if this device is the one that best fits your needs

Moments of treatment with C 50

Capacitive Manual Treatment

Capacitive Manual Treatment

Resistive Manual Treatment

Resistive Manual Treatment

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