Hematomas Treatment

What it is

Hematomas are bluish injuries which are produced as the result of trauma or falls. They are common after many aesthetic surgery interventions. Nevertherless, anyone may present a hematoma due to an accident. Those which need to be treated are the ones originated by surgical interventions such as liposuctions or liposculptures and facelifts because of inflammation and pain.

Hematomas Treatment

Day 7 after surgery. Before treatment.

Hematomas Treatment-1

Day 10 after surgery. After 4 sessions.

Hematomas Treatment-2

Day 17 after surgery. After 9 sessions.

How to Treat Hematomas


How to Treat Hematomas

Capenergy is an excellent therapeutic collaborator of incalculable value in postsurgical processes. The significative liquid mobilization of both blood and lymph that Capenergy produces accelerates in a spectacular way the recovery of the pacient who has been operated. It is estimated that the patient recovery speeds up 3x in those patients who have been treated with Capenergy after surgery. Consequently, the recovery process in, for example, a liposuction, where patient experiences pain and inflammation for three months is reduced to ten days. This dramatic reduction of postsurgical convalescence is produced thanks to the significative anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that this device exerts. This facts provides an improvement in the quality of life of the patients, and avoids the risk of fibrosis after traumatic damage.

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