Phlebitis and lymphedemas

Phlebitis and Lymphedemas Treatment

What it is

Phlebitis is the inflammation of the veins. This symptom is typical when there are circulation disorders in the legs such as liquid retention, edema, and superficial venous stasis or varices. A lymphedema or lymphostatic edema is the one due to the obstruction of the lymphatic flow and excessive lymphatic accumulation.


Phlebitis and Lymphedemas Treatment

After. 50 sesions of 30 minuts. 5 times/week

How to Treat Phlebitis and Lymphedemas

Capenergy has become a useful helper for those patients suffering from phlebitis and lymphedema. When excessive and chronical liquid accumulations are experienced as well as inflammation in veins, Capenergy therapy allow to treat the disorder in depth. Retained liquids are biophysically forced out of the body by the athermic electromagnetic field which is generated. This field acts as a biological pump which propels or drives liquids from those tissues where it is applied, stimulating their drainage through the kidneys and removal by the urine. The significative anti-inflammatory action of Capenergy is valuable in the phlebitis treatment, because it contributes to reduce vein inflammation. Consequently, this is a therapy recommended to those people who spend their day on foot and who have tendency to suffer from varices. Results are already experienced since the first ten sessions of treatment.

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