Ulcers Treatment

What it is

Ulcers are localised skin injuries where there is a permanent total loss of epidermis, part or dermis or even hypodermis. They are characterized by having poor or no tendency to scar. Ulcers are both the secondary injuries to the destruction of a blister (which may be more or less extensive and which may have a risk of infection if they are not take after) and the bedsore or decubitus ulcers, which may be very serious in those patients who are confined to bed, because of the risk of necrosis and sepsis which may threaten their lives.

Ulcers Treatment


How to Treat Ulcers

Capenergy in these cases may be very helpful. The powerful action of the activation of the tissue scarring process in a valuable help to rebuild the damaged skin. It is necessary five sessions to already see an improvement. The patient already feels a significant relieve since the end of the first session.

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