Sports injuries

Sports Injuries Treatment

What it is

Sports injuries are those which are related to sports practise. Some of the most common ones are: tendonitis, fractures, strains, bursitis and sprains. These type of injuries may affect the elite sportsman, but they can also affect anyone who makes some type of physical exercise.

Sports Injuries Treatment

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How To Treat Sports Injuries

Capenergy is indicated in the treatment of sports injuries with a high degree of satisfaction. In the following picture, we can observe the ecography of the thigh of a sports player. The picture at the right- hand side shows the existence of fibrosis in the muscle (medial calf) before the treatment. The picture at the left-hand side shows how most of the existing fibrosis has disappeared after only six sessions of Capenergy therapy in a 20-day time period.

How to treat Sports Injuries

Before After

Result after 6 sessions of Capenergy therapy in a 19 days-period

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