Disk Hernia

Disk Hernia Treatment

What it is

Pain in the neck area or upper back (if it is a cervical hernia) or lower back or kidney area (if it is a lumbar hernia) are the consequences of a disk hernia. The discomfort is produced because of the activation of pain nerves of the vertebra of the fibrous pack and, after some minutes or hours, to the reflex muscle contracture that is generated.

Cervical and Lumbar Disk Hernia Treatment

How To Treat Disk Hernia

Capenergy helps the patient in the surgery waiting list to prepare the area to be treated, reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate lymphatic drainage in order to accelerate the post-surgical period.

It is also a precious ally when fissures and protussions are detected, at disk hernias initial stage, since it induces blood circulation and reduces inflammation. The radiated arm (if it is a cervical hernia) or the leg (if it is a lumbar hernia) due to the nervous root compression also allows to be treated with Capenergy. In case of a lumbar hernia, there may be sciatic nerve compression and, consequently, it is known as sciatalgia. Hyperthermic energy travels through the sciatic nerve, decreasing the inflammation since the first session and supplying a non-invasive therapeutic option to the patient.

Disk Hernia Treatment

Cervical Disk Hernia
Result after 12 sessions of Capenergy therapy

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