Ankle pain

Ankle Pain Treatment

What it is

Ankle pain may have different origins. The most frequent one is the strain, but the discomfort may also deal with other type of injuries.

Other ankle structures that may damage, and consequently, generate pain, are tendons (which fix muscles to bones), cartilages (which act as dampers of the joints) and blood vessels (which generate hematoma).

Sometimes, the nearby areas may radiate pain to ankles (we can include foot bones, the lower leg bones, knee joints and even the hip joint).

Ankle Pain Treatment

How to treat Ankle Pain

Applying Capenergy in these disorders helps to accelerate the patient recovery.

Both if the disorder has a inflammatory or vascular origin, CIM hyperthermic currents help to bring balance back to damaged tissues.

The improvement depends on how serious the injury is and what structure is the one affected. You can already observe an improvement since the first three sessions of therapy.

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